Independent for Redcliffe

You will be able to vote on Bills in Parliament through the People Decide platform and I will vote in accordance with the majority of you.

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I am passionate about Redcliffe!

I support...

Access to quality education and health care.

Work opportunities that value and respect people

Retention of public land for community purposes

Capping rates and other fees  of government entities

Consultation with stakeholders that use local facilities

It is a great place for all age groups, families and retiree’s to explore sporting, cultural and recreational activities. For economic prosperity, continual re-development of the area is required and this requires careful management so the lifestyle features we love are not lost. I have genuine concerns about the future of Redcliffe and worry that rapid re-development will produce undesirable results.

I have the will and the energy to serve the people of Redcliffe and Moreton Island in an ethical and responsible way.

Liz Woollard

She was born in country NSW and as a child, Liz wanted to make a difference to people lives at the local level. She is a building certifier who makes sure that buildings are constructed to be safe and healthy for occupants. She studied Health and Building Surveying at Sydney TAFE and later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science from University of Western Sydney and a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning. Liz fell in love with the Redcliffe Peninsula and bought a unit at Woody Point in 2000. You won’t be dazzled by her sporting prowess, but Liz likes to keep fit by walking or cycling along the waterfront. Liz has worked for both State and Local government entities (post & pre-amalgamation), so she understands the challenges of bureaucracy. For the last 6 years she has operated a building approval and town planning consultancy in Redcliffe.

Liz is a positive, focused person who will not be side-tracked from important issues or drawn into personal attacks. In her role as a Building Surveyor she has learnt to be an excellent negotiator. She works within the bounds of Federal, State and Council rules. When these rules don’t allow a client to build their proposal, Liz will find out what the client needs and search for an alternative.

Liz’s favourite poem is “If” by Rudyard Kipling. Her philosophy is that because God loves all his children, she does not have the right to discriminate or be judgemental about other people.

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Why Liz Nominated

I want to represent the electorate of Redcliffe because I want laws that the majority of the electorate want, not what the powerbrokers of the major political parties tell us we want.

I support decreasing red- tape and increasing police and magistrates’ powers to deal with criminals. I support the replacement of new “anti- bikie laws” introduced in 2013 with legislation that has been subjected to public scrutiny and the parliamentary committee process.

I don’t support the introduction of poorly planned “red tape” for small businesses. For example, the new registration requirement for tattoo studios is likely to drive these businesses underground. When skin penetration practices are not effectively monitored by health authorities, a rise in diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV is likely. It is the tourist industry of Queensland that will suffer the consequences of this short-sighted “solution”.

I will consult my electorate about proposed changes to services or legislation. “Consult with stakeholders” means talk to people whose lives will be impacted by proposed changes. I will listen to your concerns because I want people in my electorate to have a say in the way Queensland is being run and how their money is being spent. If there are problems with the hospital car park, talk to me about your concerns. If you have a suggestion to fix a problem – even better!

I want government services that reflect the needs and expectations of the community. In 2012, many State Government workers were made redundant. I think by working smarter, greater savings could have been made without the immediate loss of 14,000 plus jobs.

I was very disappointed when Redcliffe City Council was forced to amalgamate. The legislation that enabled this was created under the leadership of Peter Beattie’s labour government. It is not a popular decision with many locals, including me. The passionate workers we once had, who would go the extra mile to get the job done, are now disheartened and disillusioned. At the time, we were told it would be cheaper to run an amalgamated Council. I believe there is more staff in Council now than there was before the three Councils were amalgamated. This is despite some services being axed, others contracted out and other services reduced. I feel let-down by the LNP government who refused to accept the 2013 petition which would have enabled my local community to vote for or against the de-amalgamation of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

In 2012, a letter from Council was dropped in my letterbox advising the construction of a new cycleway to replace the pathway in front of my house, with construction to start in a month’s time. Together with my neighbours we formed a united group and met Council representatives on several occasions. We were able to negotiate some sensible alternatives to the original proposal. I was very pleased that shade trees were retained and that safety initiatives were provided to the new path. Thankyou to our local Councillor for supporting the group! During the investigation into the bike path, I discovered a plan that had been written by State Government a few years earlier. This nominated the path in front of my house to become part of the cycleway. This document indicated that stakeholder consultation had occurred. The problem was that no –one from state government had approached me or my neighbours about the proposal. Why not?

Council staff based at Caboolture represents “stakeholders” like me. Because of a lack of local knowledge, the planners are unable to know what the local community wants. So what can be done?

My version of “stakeholder consultation” is consulting with stakeholders that actually use local facilities - like you!

2014 will be a big year for Redcliffe. A regionally based plan of development is nearly ready to be approved by state government. This will direct the re-development of Redcliffe over the next 20yrs. The Draft Strategic Framework has been released and proposes a population growth in some areas, such as Kippa-Ring, of at least 3x the current population. Presumably, population estimates for the area were prepared prior to federal funding being announced for the new train line. It is important that the people of Redcliffe understand the new plan of development and are able to articulate their desires before the “consultation phase” is over. We need a representative that can communicate with the community and who has a thorough understanding of the town planning “system”. That’s me!