Independent for Redcliffe

You will be able to vote on Bills in Parliament through the People Decide platform and I will vote in accordance with the majority of you.

I am passionate about Redcliffe, it's future and the people of Redcliffe Peninsula!  I want to represent the electorate of Redcliffe because I want laws that the majority of the electorate want, not what the powerbrokers of the major political parties tell us we want.  


 I support.... 

  •    Access to quality education and health care; 

  •    Work opportunities that value and respect people;

  •    Retention of public land for community purposes; and
  •    Consultation with stakeholders that use local facilities

The forced amalgamation of Redcliffe Council by Labor now means that the State seat is substantially smaller than the Council area. Local concerns were falling on deaf ears, so feeling compelled to fight for our area, I ran in the 2014 By-Election.  At that time, a small part of the Draft Planning Scheme had been released. Transforming  1/3 of the land mass into high rise and removing local facilities like parks and a school wasn't the vision I had for Redcliffe! 

Statewide, it concerns me that our country cousins feel such despair that they feel their only future is "to eat a barrel". I would love to improve policies for our rural people and primary producers - without them, our food bowl would be empty.

Liz Woollard's achievements - 2014

The draft planning scheme was released 6 months after the By-Election, with substantial changes to the framework. Liz was happy that local parks and Humpybong School were saved from redevelopment. She was also pleased that the areas of high rise were scaled back.

Her major achievement was informing people of the proposed changes in the Draft Planning Scheme.  She spoke to many people about the impact of the proposed changes and was a guest speaker at an event organised by the LNP candidate, Kerrie Anne Dooley. In addition, she did a letterbox drop of the local area and made two submissions to Moreton Bay Council.  Yvette D'Ath, Member for Redcliffe, supported a petition which Liz helped distribute.

The planning scheme will impact the whole Moreton Bay region, not just Redcliffe. The document has taken roughly 6 years to prepare and has a reported cost of around $6million. Liz's hope is that it encourages revisitation of neglected areas and promotes development of affordable housing options to suit a mix of people.

Also in 2014, Liz made a submission on the Nightsafe Campaign; prepared a submission to the State Government on a review of Building Certification; and prepared another submission on proposed changes to planning legislation. Liz volunteer's her time for these issues because she wants existing and future residents of Redcliffe to feel proud of where they live; and wants to make QLD an even better place to live, work and do business.

Why People Decide?

As an Independent politician using the People Decide platform, Liz is formalising the way she wants to work - ask the people want they want and vote according to the majority of the electorate.  A large part of this participatory democracy framework is the focus groups - getting people together with knowledge in the particular area, to inform voters, so they can make a decision on the proposal. At the moment, when people take the time to become informed on a topic, they have no way of voting for or against it.

Liz wants government services that reflect the needs and expectations of the community. “Consult with stakeholders” means talk to people whose lives will be impacted by proposed changes.  In 2012, many State Government workers were made redundant. Liz thinks that by using the ideas generated by the now redundant staff, greater savings could have been made without the immediate loss of 14,000 plus jobs.

Liz wants people in her electorate to have a say in the way Queensland is being run and how their money is being spent.

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The Draft Moreton Bay Planning Scheme

Liz loves the relaxed lifestyle of the Redcliffe Peninsula. When she looks around, she sees some neighbourhoods where people have renovated cottages and done substantial additions. She would like to see the process of urban renewal continue to be encouraged in these areas.

Zoning areas of high rise near public transport hubs encourages developers into the area. Lots of people can access these areas by walking or catching public transport and the demand for units in these areas is expected to be high. Businesses also need to be able to take advantage of the close proximity to public transport.

The draft planning scheme is likely to be approved by State Government sometime in 2015. For economic prosperity, continual re-development of the area is needed and this requires careful management, so the lifestyle features we love are not lost. Liz Woollard wants a planning scheme that provides ample opportunities for developers, without sacrificing the value of properties that have already undergone significant renovation. There are some really cute pockets of yesteryear in our midst. Should we assist these property owners through grants to voluntarily preserve these pockets?

To speed up the development approval process and give certainty to developers, the LNP have proposed changes to planning legislation. This will mean that if a planning scheme allows a particular type of development, then it will go ahead, without the neighbours being notified. This is a great idea, but only when Planning Schemes are clear - so that property owners and purchasers easily understand what sort of development is likely to occur in their neighbourhood.

About Liz Woollard

Liz has worked for both State and Local government entities (post & pre-amalgamation), so she understands the challenges of bureaucracy.  For the last 7 years she has operated a building approval and town planning consultancy in Redcliffe. 

Her favourite poem is “If” by Rudyard Kipling. Her philosophy is that because God loves all his children, she does not have the right to discriminate or be judgemental about other people. Liz is a positive, focused person who will not be side-tracked from important issues or drawn into personal attacks.

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Written and authorised by Liz Woollard of 56 Whytecliffe Pde, Woody Point, Q 4019